Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gili Nangnu Paradise Island In Lombok and Turtle Conservation

Gili Nanggu is an island off the South West Peninsular of Lombok. The island is privately owned so there is only one place to stay and one restaurant. Gili Nanggu is tiny, it took us 20 minutes to walk around the whole island! There are only 20 bungalows on the island and they are set just back from the beach. This island is private and only occupied by the management and staff of the resort. The enchanting sea casts a strong spell on many visitors. It’s pristine beauty is a magnet to come and play at the beach everyday. Only by going a few meters down to the shallow seabed, crystal clear waters will reveal multi-colored tame marine fishes.

The Gili Nangnu island Is small island in Lombok was beautiful and the beaches were absolutely stunning. There was no dead coral on the beaches unlike the previous Gili islands so it was great just to have powder white sand under our toes.

Those who are interested in maritime recreation, snorkeling, sunbathing at the beach, or relaxing at a place of natural beauty, why don’t you stay overnight at Gili Nanggu. The island of 12,5 Ha area in Western Lombok is managed with Forest/Virgin Island concepts of unexploited nature. The serenity and beauty of this island makes Gili Nanggu a routine destination for many foreign tourists. They call Gili Nanggu:

The Gili Nanggu Sea Turtle Conservation Program has been functioning since 1995. Adult sea turtles lay eggs once a year. If you are lucky enough to visit Gili Nanggu when the baby sea turtles are ready for release, you can take part in this natural conservation activity and help give the sea turtles a future.

Gili Nangnu Beach Or Island have a great snorkelling, Diving and Swimming even for beginners, with a small reef very close from the shore with lots of colourful fishes,get used to people swimming in a crystal calm water. The last day in Gili Nangnu Island we did much the same, sunbathed, did some snorkeling and just chilled out. We all really loved Nanggu, it was really quiet, had beautiful beaches and nothing to do so was the perfect place to relax.


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