Thursday, February 24, 2011

Royal Barges Museum Most Beautiful and Important Barge

The museum can be reached by boat from Tha Chang Pier near the Grand Palace. It houses several royal barges used in Royal ceremonial processions on the river. The most beautiful and important barge is the Suphannahong, the king's personal barge, which was built in 1911 in the reign of King Rama VI. It is 44.7 metres long and 3.1 metres wide, being the largest and most elaborate dugout in the world.

Royal Barges Museum sind ca. 12 der königlichen Barken zu besichtigen, die nur noch aus ganz bestimmten Anlässen an Feiertagen ab und an reaktiviert werden. Diese riesigen Barken sind schon sehenswert, weil sie kunstvoll geschnitzt und toll verziert sind und auch ein Stück thailändischer Kultur darstellen. Man findet das Museum am Klong Bangkok Noi am Chao Praya River.

The Royal Barge museum is perhaps a half hour attraction to see the six (if I remember correctly) barges used by Thai Royalty.

Things to know.

1) Go by boat. The land entrance is VERY hard to find and confusing.
1a) It's not a "normal" stop on the ferry route. You will have to arrange transportation.
2) Do it the same day you are seeing Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). It's a worthy excursion but it's not necessarily worth the trip to that section by iteself.
3) Admission is like 20 baht to enter, 100 baht to take photgraphs (per person). Video cameras are not permitted under any circumstances.


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