Saturday, February 26, 2011

Telaga Tujuh Water Falls Beautiful Place Of Legend In Langkawi

Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells)
There were some beliefs that there existed seven wells and others believe that originally it was a well containing seven sprints that were never dry even during the droughts. Today, only a few of the wells remain while the rest lay buried. There are some people who uses water from the well to fulfill their vows. Located along Gunung Mat Cincang in the north-western corner of Pulau Langkawi, this picturesque waterfall is named such because its gushing water stream is broken by a series of seven natural pools.

The highest waterfall of Telaga Tujuh was 91 meter from the sea and the flow rate of the water in this waterfall was high due to the water was flow from the mountain peak. There had a legend said that Telaga Tujuh was a popular place to bath for the fairy from the mountain. The main reason of Telaga Tujuh became popular because it located far away from human being. The existence of the fairy had made the surrounding of the Telaga Tujuh smell sweat. Some said that the smell was come from the ingredient they used to wash their hair.

According to the legends, the fairies could not resist the charm to visit this beautiful place and that's why, they decided to make it their bathing place. In fact, the surrounding shrubs and plants around the pool are said to have been left by them. If you really want some adventurous trek, take a short climb to the top of the waterfalls. On your way through the rainforest, you will see many exotic creatures like long-tailed macaque monkeys and cream colored squirrels.


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