Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tiu Kelep Water Fall and Sendang Gile Water Fall Amazing Trip To Lombok

Those towering waterfalls are Sendang Gila Water Fall and Tiu Kelep waterfall. Sendanggila Water Fall is considered smaller than Tiu Kelep but its peculiarity is that it seems it cut through in the middle of the waterfall by a dike line is only to find that the more you are exploring down the river line off the main waterfall, the more you will encounter many other small waterfalls streaming down the dike line. After this, we are trailing up the irrigation steps and follow the ditch line and pass the brooks to get to Tiu Kelep Water Fall. Tiu Kelep is regarded the biggest waterfall in Lombok, on its base is the pool which sending chilly and cool water for the swimmers and according to Lombok belief it will keep you young once you probe its chilly waters.

Tiu KeleP Water Fall
From the entrance, you will walk about 20mins to Sendang Gile Waterfall, the smaller waterfall. From there, you can trek for about 45mins to the next bigger one, Tiu Kelap Waterfall which is the biggest in Lombok, but I would only suggest the physically fit ones to take this trek as you have to walk through jungles and the road is pretty steep and slippery.

You will also pass by a waterfall which you have to cross against the current of water, so no no for slippers. Best to wear something with strap around your feet and able to walk in water as it would be diffcult to wear barefoot given the rough road and the pointed rocks in the waterfall which you have to cross over.

Sendang gile Water Fall
The Tiu Kelep waterfall is located in the Mount Rinjani national park in the Indonesian island of Lombok. It is accessed via a track from Senaru Village. Sendang Gile Water Fall, located 600 meters above sea level on the foot of Rinjani Mountain. cool and quiet hill, gives you a comfortable rest. 300 meters down is the biggest waterfall in Lombok, irrigates the environment with it's crystal clear water coming from the nature. Senaru Traditional Village, where mountain tribe's life and civilization of past century still exist as a part of the nature.


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