Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meduwe Karang Temple Unique and Antique Architecture Most Popular Bali Tourism

The ancient temple complex of Pura Meduwe Karang and Goa Gajah (the Elephant Cave) are just two of the sites where you’ll witness this unique fusion. The middle court, Jaba Tengah, and Jeroan, or interior court, are further on. The interior courtyard is considered the most sacred place, and situated here is statue of Kumbakarna being overwhelmed by a troop of monkey soldiers led by Sugriwa.

The Pura Meduwe Karang consists of three terraces rising one behind another – the outer court (jaba pura), the middle court (jaba tengah), the inner court (jeroan). Two stone stairways lead to outer court, the front of which is decorated with numerous sandstone statues, some thirty-four in all, depicting scenes from Ramayana. The centerpiece is a sculpture showing the giant Kumbhakarna engaged in a violent battle with horde of monkeys from Sugriwa army.

The number of these abodes is, considering the size of the temple, unexpectedly limited. There are only three shrines, flanked by two piasan  and linked by a high and over elaborately ornamented bebaturan, form the abode of the deity. The composite structure of these three shrines consist of a high, uncovered padmasana on each side of which is a gedong, a miniature of stone building with a carved and gilded double door and a roof of duk, resting four wooden pillar.

The remaining space on the wall filled by a horseman flying through the air on his mount. The southern side of wall is embellished with a carving of Astimuka (elephant face) and it is stated that this figure is identical with Sanghyang Gana (Ganesha), the god with elephant head. Other walls are filled with sculpture depicting everyday life, soft porn, and other curious theme.


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