Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tanah Lot and Taman Ayun Royal Temple The Beach Around Beautiful Sunsets

Tanah Lot temple was built in the 16th century by a priest from Majapahit. Its rituals include the paying of homage to the guardian spirits of the sea. The Tanah Lot temple sanctuary is built a top a huge rock which is surrounded by the sea. Poisonous but peaceful sea snakes, which has white and black colors, found at the base of the rocky island are believed to guard the temple from evil spirits and intruder. It is also a fantastic place to view beautiful sunsets.

Every day at dusk, tourists throng the area to witness the magnificent silhouette of the temple against the glowing horizon. The best view is from the cliff overlooking the temple. The beach around Tanah Lot is great for horse riding and watching dramatic sunsets, but not for safe swimming.

Tanah Lot Sunset Tour is an exciting tour to visit the temple on the rock with breathtaking view of sunset view as a backdrop. The tour will explore the famous tourist destinations in Bali of Tanah Lot Temple that is located above a big stone in coastal periphery. The tour also visits other places of interest in Tabanan regency or west part of Bali like Taman Ayun Temple It is a half day tour with private air-conditioning car transfer
and professional tour guide who is always outstanding offer out best quality service.

Arrival in Bali, transfer to your hotel. In the afternoon visit Taman Ayun Royal temple, the temple located in Mengwi Village, Mengwi sub district, Badung regency. It contains a beautiful temple building with a multi-storied roof and Balinese Architecture. Then proceed to Tanah Lot Temple. Tanah Lot temple, simple in its construction, is dramatic in its ocean-front location and one of the main temples in the worship of Balinese Gods. Enjoy the stunning view of the sunset at Tanah Lot before returning to the hotel. Overnight.

Taman Ayun Royal Temple

There are twenty-nine buildings in the innermost courtyard of this temple, which function as the symbolization of the various God, Goddess, and the power points of the kingdom. Each power point was represented by a meru. The main one is for Mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali. It has eleven tiers that represented the eight directions, up, down and centre the totality of outer and inner space. The meru for Mount Batukaru also has eleven tiers and a nine tiers meru represents Mount Batur. Other merus represented the dominant natural features in the Mengwi kingdom, or regions of landscape that held special power, such as the mountains, the lakes the slopes, the plains and the ocean.

Tanah Lot Most Beauty Scenery and Taman Ayun Most Popualr Attraction Bali Tourism


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