Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tioman Island And Tioman Marine Park Most Beuty Secenery Pahang Malaysia

Tioman Island is the largest and most developed of the 64 volcanic islands in the Siberut archipelago that make up the Pahang Marine Parks. In 1958, Pulau Tioman was chosen to be James Michener’s fictitious Bali Hai for the filming of the Hollywood classic, “South Pacific.” Since then, Tioman Island or Pulau Tioman, which is easily accessible by air or boat, became a popular tourist attraction especially among underwater explorers.

The Tioman Marine Park is zoned as a sanctuary for the coral reef community and the shallow, still waters near Tioman, such as at the sites of Pirate Reef and Renggis Island, are perfect for training the less experienced diver. Further out to sea, the Tioman Island dive sites such as Chebeh and Tiger Reef, are set in deeper waters where you may encounter challenging currents and also the chance to see larger species.

There is plenty of coral circling most of the island including alyconarian soft corals and multi-colored staghorn coral. You will most likely run into all the usual reef life, the most numerous of which being parrotfish and butterflyfish. The best diving is around the small islets and rocks to the west and north-west where an incredible variety of angelfish and butterflyfish can be found.

The water is clear to a depth of about 30 metres. Turtles and cuttlefish laying eggs are common in July and August. There are some other islands off the east coast that have good diving but are less visited. Dive sites also include over a dozen wrecks mainly scuttled wooden-hulled fishing trawlers.

Tiomand Island The Even CLASSIFIED big wreck fans and technical divers will enjoy Tioman as there are several South China Sea wrecks in the area. These Second World War treasures including the Prince of Wales, the Repulse, Varella and various submarines and battleships lie all around Tioman, normally at a depth of 40 m or more.

Tiomand Island Map


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