Saturday, May 14, 2011

East Coast of Singapore Paradise

The East Coast of Singapore is largely residential and offers few sights as such; most visitors just cross it on their way from and to Changi Airport. For Singaporeans, on the other hand, the main attractions are 20 kilometres of white sandy beach. East Coast Park your vehicle at Marine Parade Estate if you are driving and take the underpass to East Coast Park. What’s a little exercise on a family day out? There are many steps to climb and a long, long ramp to roll before you reach your destination so make sure you take it slow. Don’t let your kids attempt any death defying bicycle hop down the stairs or conduct a Tour de Tunnel because you won’t want to be slapped with a $1,000 fine.

East Coast LightHouse

Visit the public toilet located near the first bicycle rental shop (if you have to). There’s an outdoor
shower in the gents and ladies but no kids should run around naked please. There’s a clause in the
National Parks Board’s park visitation do’s and don’ts that read: Be decently dressed at all times. Locate a pond two (more) humps away from the toilet you know they’re serious about the speed
limit when they build a hump every 300m or so. Enjoy the green pasture and shady trees but
strictly no feeding the fish.

The next time you are at the park, you may build your own party here because you are allowed to
Bring Your Own Pit at the stretch in front of the Costa Sands Resort. Booking is available at all
AXS machines. There’s also a bicycle rental shop (Vision Creations) at block C of the chalets. Need another breather? The ideal spot for picnic is under the young Yellow Flame tree, a stone’s throw away from the rocky boulders which are a (huge) stone’s throw away from algae green pond
which is way bigger than the first algae green pond. See, we told you you need a breather.

East Coast Map

Pat yourself on the back if you’ve managed the only uphill route of this journey and passed by the
only hawker centre in the Park without stopping over for that big mug of sugarcane juice. This is
the longest fishing jetty in Singapore where you can catch anything from tamban (nasi lemak fish),
puffer fish, to ikan parang (‘sai toh’ fish).

Welcome to Singapore’s very first cable-ski park! Adrenalin junkies can flex their muscles and perform stunts to their delights but kiddos under seven-years old are prohibited from the sport. It costs $30/h on weekdays and $40/h on weekends to ski. There’s even Ladies’ Night so
mums should come boogie in the water. Welcome to seafood paradise! You can savour
all the delicacies of the underwater world like succulent lobsters, chilli crabs, bamboo clams,
and fresh soon hock. It can be really packed on weekends so make your reservations early.


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