Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Singapore Zoo Most Favourite Singapore Tourism

THE Singapore Zoo, a world-class facility amongst its peers, continues to be a star visit for tourists to Singapore. The zoo walked away hands down with the Best Leisure Attraction Experience. It is rated a top rainforest park where groups, families and students gather to learn and see nature, wildlife and conservation firsthand in a world removed.

“Our purpose is to inspire people to becloser to nature, so we try to show the animals, plants and habitat in their most natural environment,” says the Singapore Zoo’s executive director, Ms Fanny Lai. More aptly described as a hybrid between a theme park and a serious zoological institution, the zoo is becoming well-known for its “edutainment” mission that advocates the learning process of wildlife, nature and conservation in a resort environment.

The zoo is totally based on the concept of Open Zoo where the visitors can easily view the animals that are put behind the bars. The animals are enclosed in the wide and extended enclosures which are really best suited for their habitation. The Singapore Zoo is comprised up with more than 315 wild animals’ species and some of the endangered species. The practice of captive breeding is also carried out in the zoo for the purpose of protecting the endangered species from getting diminished.

Singapore Zoo visitors get to see interactive animal shows and are introduced to a variety of educational programmes. There is also a viewing gallery in the Wildlife Research Centre where visitors can view, from a safe distance, medical treatments, including operations, to wildlife that the zoo conducts to ensure that the animals are in prime health.


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