Friday, June 3, 2011

Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania Paradise Australia Tourism

Named after the French explorer of the same name, the Freycinet Peninsula and its corresponding national park are globally acclaimed as being one of the best coastal travel locations in the world. The landscape is diverse enough to warrant this four-day walk in order to see it all. Along with two resident Tasmanian guides, you’ll take a blissful and leisurely walk along deserted beaches, up pink granite monoliths and through the heart of the rich native lands of the Freycinet National Park, including the iconic Wineglass Bay.

The walk itself will take you over 37 km of both coastal and mountainous regions, and thebest part is that since this bushwalk is lodge-based you won’t have to haul any luggage along with you. The Canadian poet Bliss Carmen once wrote, “the greatest joy in nature is the absence of man,” a sentiment the vast majority of us would agree with and certainly one which is captured on this tour. Other than your guides, you’re likely to see very few (if any) souls during your break and as a preserved area, most of the wilderness is just that - wilderness!

Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania

The walking itself is moderate and with your luggage transfer taken care of, the main objective is really to take in the beauty and completely unwind. There are more highlights along the route than we can possibly list here, but one site which will utterly captivate you is Wineglass Bay. Named after its distinctive topography, the coast here is a model of perfection and its completely unspoilt beauty is guaranteed to have you reaching for a camera.

If you’re after an action-packed thrill ride you’d probably like to click around the site until you hit something more exhilarating, but broadly speaking this is a tour everyone should try to get on. Freycinet is a spellbinding
paradise and a coast greatly treasured by the people of Tasmania, Australia and beyond. It’s a walking holiday first and foremost, so you’ll need to be comfortable being on your feet for six hours a day
and the temperature can get rather high (Freycinet has a climate very similar to France with over 300 days of
sunshine per year.) As you’ll see by the itinerary you’ll be broken into the walking gently however, so an average level of fitness and a passion for nature is all it takes to have a terrific time.

Freycinet Peninsula

The walking is moderate, with some steeper sections. If you really want to push yourself, there is the option of a very challenging 2 day walk to choose. The walks themselves are guided, but the group size is kept intimate with no more than 10 walkers. You will be dining together and walking together, so see this as a chance to make new friends to share the beauty of the Freycinet Peninsula with!

The lodge which forms the base for your walking holiday is tucked away in Freycinet National Park and surrounded by coastal forests. It can be hesitantly termed as an eco-lodge since it is powered and supplied
solely by sun and rain, but don’t be under any illusion that your accommodation is a primitive affair - quite the
opposite! Hot baths, a well stocked library and luxury beds are amongst the tranquil pleasures waiting for you after a day of walking, and the whole lodge has a cosy yet minimalist feel with open-plan rooms heated by wood stoves. In addition to the large living spaces, there are both double and single rooms available and shared bathroom/shower rooms.

The Friendly Beaches Lodge has won some prestigious awards for its architecture, and the food is of equally
high standards. All guests can expect extremely high quality meals cooked by a resident chef from the lodge’s
varied menu, featuring delicacies such as seafood caught locally and grain-fed beef fillet steak, all accompanied by the region’s finest wines. Any dietary requests can be taken into consideration - simply mention during the booking process.


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