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Madhya Pradesh Amazing Wildlife Adventure In India

As we all knows that Madhya Pradesh is situated at the heart of India. Countless monuments, exquisitely carved temples, stupas, forts and palaces are scattered all over the state. The natural beauty of Madhya Pradesh is equally diverse. Spectacular mountain ranges, meandering rivers and miles and miles of thick forests offering a unique and excellent panorama of wildlife in herbaceous surroundings. Madhya Pradesh is easily accessible from any part of India. Madhya Pradesh is intended to inform the readers about the wild life in Madhya Pradesh. This issue comprehensively covers important wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in MP. I hope that our colleagues in various educational institutions and other friends will find this newsletter useful and also, it would contribute to the public awareness along with a very Happy Holiday.

Kandariya mahadev temple

Madhya Pradesh is virtually a heaven for the wildlife lovers as the state is rich with a huge variety of fauna. There is something magical in the woods of Madhya Pradesh that beckons people here again and again. It is here that one has few of the most spectacular sightings of endangered species in the many celebrated national parks that are scattered throughout the state. Most important parks in Madhya Pradesh are Kanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park.


The Madhya Pradesh National parks are there, not merely to entertain us but to preserve the precious biodiversity that keeps this world moving forward in a balance thus stabilizes the ecosystem. So a visitor to these amazing lands, should keep in mind the precaution that have to be taken before your trip through the wild. Always follow the rules of the Madhya Pradesh park that ensures your safety as well as the safety of the animals.

Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh is a veritable haven for wildlife. In its lush forests, the tiger prowls and the spotted deer, the blue-bull and the gaur roam free. The barasingha has been saved from extinction and its numbers have multiplied in Kanha National Park. The sal and bamboo forests of Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Panna, Pench, Satpura and many other National Parks and Sanctuaries are teeming with all kinds of wildlife and many hundred species of birds. In Madhya Pradesh, the old thrill of the jungle lives on! One third of the land is forested, offering a unique and exciting panorama of wild life. Especially in the Vindhya-Kaimur and the Satpura and Maikala ranges and the Baghelkhand plateau. The old princely families were enthusiastic "sportsmen".

The great hunting families have given the country its great wildlife parks. The chances of seeing them in their natural avocations, is higher than anywhere else in the world. The chances of seeing a big cat, a tiger or lion within naked lens’ reach, are extremely high. And the fact that they are not frightened of you lets you make observations and take pictures, which only dedicated naturalists could have hoped for just a decade ago. Kanha and Bandhabgarh national parks have been very famous national parks around the world. The king of the forest may be easily sighted at Kanha and Bandhavgarh. Equally at home in the Jungles of Kanha and Bandhavgarh is the Gaur who does not fear the tiger. Another native is the Barasingha the only swamp deer who has adapted to hard ground.

Madhya Pradesh Wildlife

Chitals (spotted deer) can be sighted in hundreds. Sloth Bear, the leopard and the buffalo are much less common. At times one is surprised that wild life has survived so well despite the decades of
senseless slaughter indulged in by the so-called big game hunters. Many of the princes marked out areas as their personal hunting reserves: Shivpuri near Gwalior for instance, which has served in
recent years as the nucleus of the wild life park and where Madhav National park is particularly rich in many species of deer and famous for its white (albino tic) tigers. Pench National park is also an
upcoming national park in Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India and also home of some of finest national parks. Most of the
national parks in Madhya Pradesh are famous for tiger and elephant safari. Below are the list of
some of the important national park in Madhya Pradesh.


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