Saturday, July 2, 2011

Namsan A Mountain with Buddhist Cultural

Mt. Namsan, located to the south of Gyeongju, contains numerous important Buddhist and Silla Dynasty sites. Stretching 8 kilometers north and south, and 12 kilometers west and east, Namsan contains 180 peaks and about 40 valleys dotted with relics of temples, 80 stone images of Buddha and 60 stone pagodas.

Among the noteworthy treasures found at Namsan are the sitting stone statue of Buddha at Mireuk Valley and the sitting image of Bodhisattva carved on Sinseonam (stone wall). There are also twelve designated historic sites such as Poseokjeong (Historic Site No. 1), Najeong (Historic Site No. 245) and the site of Cheongwansa (Historic Site No. 340). Particularly striking is the sitting figure of Sakyamuni in Samneung Valley, carved on a huge natural rock 7 meters high and 5 meters in width.

All around the mountain is a lush forested park, replete with picnic tables, walking paths, and little public bathroom buildings with canned classical music. Its nice. Although it was hotter than blue blazes and we had to walk uphill for a half hour to get there from the subway station.


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