Monday, November 28, 2011

Jayu Park Historical World War II South Korea

The Jayu Park was built in 889. At the time, a lot of foreigners lived in Incheon with the opening of the Incheonhang Port and the Korean government constructed the first western-style park for them. As the park is located halfway up a mountain, you can overlook downtown Incheon, the Incheonhang Port and Incheon Bridge, the world’s sixth longest bridge, while hiking to the park.

The area around Jayu Park contains many 'firsts' in Korea, resulting from the Joseon Dynasty's enlightenment. To right of the ridge of the park is a white cylindrical building: Incheon Meteorological Observatory, behind Jemulpo High School. It was the first modern meteorological observatory in Korea, built by a Japanese who was in urgent need of meteorological information during the Russo-Japanese War in 1904. It managed data from Busan, Wonsan, and even Manchuria and Tientsin in China. Now it cooperates with the Japanese Central Meteorological Observatory and Greenwich Astronomical Observatory.

Jayu park

Jayu Park gives visitors a view that reminds them that Incheon is a harbor city. Many places in the park offer great views over the city and the sea. Among them, the square that used to have a pigeon cage provides the best view, and is worth the arduous trek. It offers the clearest and closest view of the harbor and nearby islands through pay telescopes. From Seokjeongru, a two-story pavilion, visitors can hear boat horns and whistles and see Incheon port dock, Wolmi Island, Incheon International Airport, Changbong Island, and other islands in the Yellow Sea.

Jayu Park

The Amity and the Trade treaty was signed by the US and Korea in the year 1882. Centennial Monument is situated inside the park which helps to demonstrate the bond between the US and Korea. The monument was built on the basis of the above treaty itself. The history of the park reveals that the park was previously known as Manguk Park which means a park for many countries together. The residents of America, Russia and China created this park. Jayu Park, Incheon is called the most western style park in Korea.

There is Weolmi Park modeled on typical gardens of the Joseon Dynasty. The park operates various cultural programs such as traditional wedding ceremony, Pungmulnori (ensemble of folk music instruments), traditional farmer’s music and traditional games every Saturday and Sunday.


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