Monday, November 28, 2011

Wolmido Island and Incheon Seoul

Mount Wolmi is the historical war place of the landing of US force in Wolmido Island. Civilians were not allowed to enter this place before 2001 since it was used by a military force but this place has been opened to civilians in 2001 and changed to a historical, cultural and biological park in 50 years. Wolmido Island is an island with a circumference of ㎞,0 ㎞ away from the coast of Incheon. Along the Wolmido Cultural Street are amusement parks, raw fish restaurants and cafes, attracting many visitors who want to take some rest in the West Sea. You can feel a festive atmosphere anytime here, as various cultural and art performances and events are held all year round.

Mount Wolmi has magnificent surrounding sites such as a port, lock and surrounding island which can be seen at one glance. Since civilians were prevented from entering this site for the past 50 years, a rich forest formed with cherry blossom trees, pine tress, oak trees, zelkova trees, alder trees, cypresses, Korean rosebays and Korean forsythias. Accordingly, Mt Wolmi’s climbing course is a courteous lane like Namsan’s climbing course.

Incheon  officially the Incheon Metropolitan City, is South Korea's third or fourth largest metropolis, after Seoul and Busan, and tied with Daegu. As the largest seaport on the west coast and home to the country's largest airport, Incheon International Airport, Incheon is South Korea's most important transport hub. In the 21st century, Incheon has transformed into a global business hub centered around the high-tech and futuristic Songdo International City, which is home to South Korea's tallest building, the 305m supertall Northeast Asia Trade Tower.

Incheon will incorporate New Songdo City, the most expensive planned real estate development in world history, which will be finished in 2015. The world's tallest twin tower building, 151 Incheon tower, is under early construction, whilst Korea's current tallest building, Northeast Asia Trade Tower, is already located here. Other newer neighborhoods built on land reclaimed from the sea are practically independent mini-cities with shopping, schools, housing, and industry.


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