Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yuyuan Garden The Better City Of China

Along Fumin Road beside Yuyuan Garden, fake Haibao are rampant. The “Better City, Better Life” Expo theme is printed on a wall at the beginning of the road but mobile vendors put huge boxes filled with fake dolls in the middle of the road. Around 7pm every night, a truck filled with various fake Haibao dolls drives in to deliver them one after another to the stores, Zheng said. On Nanjing Road, peddlers take fake dolls from tricycles stationed on Zhejiang Road M., a small road crossing the pedestrian street, said Shi.
Officials of Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau have confiscated many fake Haibao toys in the Yuyuan Garden area since the fake Haibao appeared in May, but the sellers start up again right after the officials leave, said a security staff member surnamed Miao of the Yuyuan Garden Little Commodity Market.

The Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau along with the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination have spared no effort to crack down on the fake Expo products, said Pan Gang,a supervisor of the Legal Department of the Expo bureau. Early last month, the two bureaus confiscated 3,000 fake Haibao dolls on Nanjing Road E., the largest fake-Haibao sales case broken by the organizer, Pan said. The Expo logo, slogan and Haibao image cannot be used without the bureau’s permission.


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