Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lady Bay Beach Is an Official Nudist Beach

Lady Bay Beach is an official nudist beach found on the inside of South Head. Facing west, this beach is surrounded by a long cliff and a rocky shoreline. There are great views across the water to Middle Head. Officially declared a nude bathing beach by Neville Wran in 1976, nudity is only permitted on the beach and water. The beach is also known as 'Lady Jane Beach'. You are welcome to use the beach clothed or unclad.

Cannon to Lady Bay Beach 0.3km 5 mins (From 0.18 km) From the cannon, this walk heads up the path and steps and soon turns left to follow the old road. The walk follows the old road, enjoying sweeping harbour views (to your left). About 170m along this road (as it bends right), it passes a toilet block then finds some garbage bins at the end of the road. Here, the walk heads along the narrower footpath for ≈60m until coming to the signposted intersection above 'Lady Bay Beach'. From the intersection, the walk follows the 'Lady Bay Beach' sign down the steps as they wind to the sandy beach below.


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