Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Luna Park Sydney Most Popular Tourist In Australia

Luna Park Sydney is open from 11 am–7.30 pm (most days). Schools should plan to arrive at 10.30–11 am, to allow time to collect their unlimited rides wristbands from the Physics is Fun Coordinator and to give them to their students. Please do this away from the collection area to avoid overcrowding. Teachers should carry a mobile phone to advise the Physics is Fun Coordinator of any delays in arriving or to seek help if any student has an accident. If delayed, please contact: Robert Garner on 0418 160 481. Teachers should mark their rolls BEFORE leaving school, so they know how many students they should have on arrival at Luna Park.

There are height restrictions (maximum and/or minimum heights) on rides for the safety of riders on the various rides at Luna Park Sydney. These heights are listed in the worksheets provided by Physics is Fun and can also be obtained from the Physics is Fun Closed-in shoes and tops must be worn on the rides at Luna Park Sydney. No loose objects are allowed on rides. Most rides are NOT recommended for persons who have had recent surgery or illness; have plaster casts or broken bones; back, neck or bone injuries; high blood pressure; cardiovascular problems; nervous disorders; or are pregnant.

Entry to and exit from Luna Park Sydney may be made along a level pathway, running off Alfred Street, Milson’s Point. Entry to and exit from some rides is via stairs. There are level pathways and some small flights of steps or ramps to negotiate between the rides. Students are advised to walk at all times, to not block stairways and to use any ramps in a safe and responsible manner at all times. Luna Park Sydney has wheelchair access around the park, however wheelchair access to some rides is not possible.

Luna Park Sydney regularly tests and maintains its rides. Ride operators are trained in the safe operation of rides. For safety reasons, any ride that requires repairs or maintenance will not be operating. Thus some rides may be closed on any day due to the ride maintenance schedule or unforeseen breakdowns.

Souvenirs are available from the retail shop at Luna Park Sydney. If permitted by teachers, students may purchase items from this outlet at regular retail prices. Several food and beverage facilities are located throughout Luna Park Sydney. If permitted by teachers, students may purchase items from these outlets at regular retail prices. Some outlets sell alcoholic beverages but strictly adhere to all legislation related to not selling or serving persons under 18 years. Students may bring food and beverages if they wish. Drinks should be in cardboard/plastic containers and food should be brought in plastic/paper bags. No glass or metal containers are permitted for safety reasons.


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