Thursday, February 24, 2011

Safari Word Animal Attractions In Bangkok Thailand

Safari World This is located at Km 9, Ram Indra Road, Minburi, and covers an area of some 170 acres. It is divided into two parts. Safari Park houses a large variety of animals like zebras, deer, giraffes, birds, tigers, lions and bears in a natural habitat. Visitors can drive through in their own cars, or ride in the Safari World’s air-conditioned coaches. The Marine Park exhibits marine and rare animals. Visitors can enjoy performances by trained animals like dolphins, birds, seals, and monkeys. Restaurants and game shops are also available and a tram service is provided for touring to the park.

 Safari World Bangkok first opened in 1988 and has continued to 'improve' in the years since then. The operation is divided into a typical Zoo area, a Marine World and a Safari Park. The area covered is approximately 200 acres. This is a public limited company, listed on the Thai Stock Exchange, with profit and its shareholders being its primary considerations. This Safari World Bangkok collection is one which the majority of zoo visitors find wonderful. Those who 'know' and can 'read between the lines' can see that not all is as it seems.

There is a place for entertainment within a zoo setting so the likes of the Spy War Show and the Cowboy Stunt Show I really have no problems with. This is not so when the 'show' involves living animals. This place is not a circus, it is a zoo. As a zoo the animal related activities should be centred around Edutainment. The public need to be educated. As an organisation which uses animals to earn money they MUST give back.

The shows that we have seen, namely, Orang Utan boxing show, Sealion show, Cowboy show and the Dolphin show were well done, even though, the emcee spoke in thai instead of english, the shows were entertaining. Feeding the giraffe was also an interesting activity not to be missed. Cost is 40 baht for a bucket of food for the giraffe.

However, do not go for the Amazon river thrill ride. It cost 250 baht and it is not worth it as it is just a thrill ride, sitting in a log to view oversize amazon creatures, even my children were not thrilled. The open safari was a nice change as there is hardly any open concept of zoo around SE asia.


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