Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yak Lom Lake Legends Of Popular Cambodia Tourism

There many interesting place to see such as Yak Lom Lake, a circular volcanic lake 5km south east of Banlung. Yak Lom Lake is more than 50m deep and 800m in diameter. You can take a dip in Yak Lom Lake or enjoy a walk around the forested perimeter to visit the cultural center to learn about the ethnic minority culture. You can ride an elephant to Ratanakiri’s spectacular waterfalls or to relax amidst the forest at Ka Chnang. Katien or
Cha Ong waterfalls, all about 10 km from Balung. Veun Sai situated on another side of Se San River is a Chinese village. A visit to enthnic minority village is an experience (the ethnic minorities who are a survival from the prehistory and the Neolithic age). They were not Hindu zed.

Yak Lom Lake there are different legends related to this great volcanic lake. We choose one of them to describe.  Long time ago, there was a commander of the giants attempting to abduct a daughter of the king of the giants in order to separate her from her lover. When the troops of the commander surrounded the mountain where they were hiding, the couple thought that they would not be able escape. Because of their true love, they decided to succumb.

They magical power to safeguard this area, we pray that this location sinks into the ground, and we are ready to scarify the mountain and the couple sunk into the ground. Therefore, there is a crater and it is locally called Yeak Loam.


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