Friday, March 4, 2011

Koh Kood Island Best Secenery In Thailand Beaches

Koh Kood Island Located on north Tapao beach of “Koh Kut”, the last preserved island of Trad Province. on Kohkood Island, you can truly get away from your busy life. You will wake to the gentle breezes
rustling through the coconut trees, spend all day with your favorite book, hear the waves roll onto the shore, watch the beautiful sunset in the evening and then join us at the restaurant for a candlelight dinner prepared by our local chefs before having a good night sleep in our warm and beautiful accomodation.

Koh Kood is the fourth largest island of Thailand and the second largest in the area behind Koh Chang. It is the closest island to the Cambodian border in Trat province, approximately 330 km southeast from Bangkok. Koh Kood extends over approximately 23 kilometres in length, almost 9 kilometres in width and has a size of about 129 square kilometres. The Koh Kood island is rather flat compared to Koh Chang with the highest mountain on the island, Khao Phaenth, measuring 315 metres. It has a good number of wonderful beaches with crystal clear water .

Holidays in Koh Kood is between beginning of November and the end of February. At this time it is relatively cool, dry and mostly sunny. But until the end of May, when it is hotter than the cool season, a visit is still convenient. Even during monsoon season, Koh Kood is worth visiting for it doesnt rain every day and all day long. Activities on Koh Kood - Besides lazing on the beach, snorkeling at the beautiful coral reefs or just watching stars at night.

The best time to visit Koh Kood Island is November through to February, when it is relatively cool, dry and mostly sunny. But it is lovely, too, through the slightly warmer period of March through May. At any time, even during monsoons, it is well worth a visit, for it does not rain every day or all day long. People come here to laze on a beach, snorkel over the beautiful coral reefs or just watching the night stars, and there are lots of neighboring islands to visit.

The original inhabitants were Thais and Cambodians who fled to the Thai territory when the French took over the city of Padjantakiri in 1904. The oldest community is Klong Mad Village whose residents still make a living out of planting rubber trees, coconut trees and basic fisheries.

There is no regular public ferry route to Koh Kood. Some tourists catch a local boat that transports goods to the island, a trip of four to five hours. The boat leaves on Friday and returns on Monday. Chartered boats to the east side of the island take approximately 2 hours twice that for the west side. There are also speedboats, mostly operated by the resorts, that reach this tropical haven in about 90 minutes. The best bet is to buy a package tour that covers accommodation, meals, activities and most importantly transportation.


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