Friday, March 4, 2011

Than Bokkhorani National Park In Krabi Provence Thailand

covers 37.5 rai (1 rai = 160 square meters) in Tambon Ao Leuk Tai, one kilometer from the Tambon Ao Leuk Neua Market intersection on the Ao Luk Sak road. The park is shady and forested by many different species of trees growing around the attractive pool after which the park is named, the Sa Bokkhorani. Species include the wild gardenia, asoka, and Apocynaceae. The Sah Bohk Koranii flows through a winding passage in the mountain. At the north end of the pool is a footprint of the Buddha carved in wood and a shrine of Chao PhoTo Yuan - To Chong.

<b>Than Bokkharani National Park</b>

At the park headquarters, close to the small town of Ao Leuk and 46km northwest of Krabi, emerald-green waters flow out of a narrow cave in a tall cliff and into a large lotus pool, which spills into a wide stream and then divides into many smaller rivulets. At each rivulet there’s a pool and a little waterfall; the effect is magical. The park was established in 1991 and protects a large area of islands.

Several National Parks also include the mainland interior which is covered with rich forest and features refreshing rock pools, waterfalls, caves, hot springs and nature reserves with walking trails. These inland beauty spots are often busy at weekends with large family groups and local excursions. Outside these times, they're quiet, serene and incredibly peaceful.

<b>Than Bokkharani National Park</b>

Than Bok Khorani National Park covers an area of 37.5 rai of land in Tambon Ao Leuk Tai. Its headquarters is located just one kilometer from Tambon Ao Leuk Neua Market intersection on the Ao Luk Sak road. The Park is covered by a canopy of diverse species of trees such as wild gardenia, asoka, and Apocynaceae that are scattered around Sa Bok Khorani, an attractive emerald pond after which the park is named where visitors can swim.
<b>Than Bokkharani National Park</b>

The Than Bokkharani National Park in Krabi is located in the Ao Luk District and in close proximity to the border area of Krabi and the Andaman Sea. Although the Than Bokkharani National Park in Krabi can be visited at any time of the year, the charm actually can be captured when visited after a spell of monsoon showers. The lush greenery all around strikes the eye and acts as a natural healer to your tired self. The Than Bokkharani National Park in Krabi came into existence in the year 1991. With the construction of the Than Bokkharani National Park in Krabi, the botanical garden that existed was replaced.


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