Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sentosa 4D Magix Highly Interactive Favorite Attraction In Singapore

Sentosa 4D Magix is now even more thrilling. Since it opened in December 2005 more than one million visitors have experienced this award-winning attraction. Now, a wetter, wilder, ashier pirate adventure awaits all at Southeast Asia’s rst 4 dimensional theatre. Young ones and adults alike can share in the misadventures of Captain Lucky and his swarthy band of pirates and face the perils that lie in wait as they go in search of hidden treasure. The crew’s misadventures are brought to life through simulated movements and synchronised e ects, engaging all the senses and providing a multi-sensory experience. Viewers can expect to be assaulted by bats in a dark cave and be chased down by angry hornets.

Upgraded at a cost of US$100,000, high pressure water pipes and more than 200 red led lights will enable visitors to experience bird droppings, spine tingling bat eyes and blinding lightning e ects that will make the whole experience a lot more exciting, realistic and enjoyable. Managing Director of Sentosa 4D Magix, A. Yogesvaran explained that, "the upgrade was necessary as part of its overall strategy in ensuring visitors are always given something unexpected whenever they come back to Sentosa 4D Magix.

The team works hard to achieve this". The all-new Sentosa 4D Magix experience is priced at just $18 per adult or $29.90 for the combo package including CineBlast: Singapore’s rst and only cinema ride, combining the exhilaration of a rollercoaster ride with high de nition 3D wide-screen projection. Sentosa 4D Magix and CineBlast are located together at the Imbiah Lookout area near the Cable Car Arrival Plaza in Sentosa.

Singapore’s High-tech Interactive Zone at Sentosa is more than a theme park. It is a whole new world of interactive action and thrills featuring three pioneering and spectacular attractions. These attractions include Pirates In 4D, Extreme Log Ride and Desperados, and are managed by SENTOSA 4D MAGIX and SENTOSA CINEBLAS.

The highly interactive attractions provide the right mix of entertainment value, accessibility and user experience that consistently boost Singapore Tourism. They have been crowd drawers since the first site opened in 1994 at the then named CineMania in Sentosa. Concentrating these attractions in Sentosa provides tourists with a more comprehensive cluster of value-added activities.


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