Sunday, March 18, 2012

Great Mosque and Muslim Street

Great Mosque
This Great Mosque is among the largest mosques in China. It stands North-West of the Drum Tower and is built in a Chinese architectural style with most of the grounds taken up by gardens. Still an active place of worship, the mosque holds several prayer services each day. Strolling through the Mosque’s traditional Chinese gardens, you will be enlightened by the typical Chinese archways and pavilions decorated with colourful Chinese paintings. The main worship hall contains the words of the Koran carved in wood, both in Chinese and Arabic. This mix of Chinese and Arabic makes the visit all the more intriguing.

Muslim Street
These interesting old alleys and streets of traders and craftspeople are unique in China. The Silk Road brought this religion to Xian and the Muslims are an important community in Xian today. In the Muslim Quarter you can experience some of the best local food served on the streets and amongst the many restaurants, you should definitely try the famous “Jia San” soup-filled dumplings. Good streets to explore are Beiyuan Men and Huajue Xiang Jie.

Islamic Architecture Great Mosque of Xian China


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