Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hunters Bay called Balmoral Beach Sydney Harbour Tourism

Then get ready for this evening’s gastronomy. A romantic and incredibly gourmet experience awaits you this
evening at the Bathers Pavilion at Balmoral Beach. With a quick trip over the Sydney Hunters Bay you will find a very nice beach, called Balmoral Beach.

Balmoral is the small island called Rocky Point which lies a few metres off shore. This point separates Balmoral Beach from Edwards Beach and is reachable by a quaint stone foot bridge. Balmoral has a unique timeless elegance and charm, almost of an era long gone by. It is not too difficult to imagine victorian era couples strolling arm in arm along the raised beach side promenade, shaded beneath colourful parasols.

Balmoral has a good variety of cafes, bistros and restaurants perfect for spending a long lazy lunch, gazing across at the beach and Middle Harbour. Balmoral has a small marina, a gentle, sheltered beach ( which is not subject to the full tides and currents of the open ocean ), a promenade and park areas.


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