Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taronga Zoo Favourite Attractions Sydney Tourism In Australia

Taronga Zoo opening hours are 9am to 5pm. Taronga Zoo is one of our busiest routes. Please plan ahead, arrive early and allow plenty of time for travel. To assist with safe and timely boarding, customers are advised to be waiting on the wharf five minutes before the ferry’s scheduled departure time. When boarding, keep a firm hold of your belongings and hold onto the gangway rail. Where possible, bulky items like prams, bikes or trolleys should be collapsed before boarding.

Taronga Zoo Wharf to Taronga Zoo Entrance 0.2km 4 mins (From S) From the wharf, the walk heads uphill along the footpath beside the road to the Taronga Zoo entrance at the pedestrian crossing. Taronga Zoo was founded in 1916, with the vision of imitating the Hamburg Zoo's bar-less exhibits. Since its opening, Taronga Zoo has directed more attention to research, education and conservation efforts to support the animals.

Taronga Zoo Entrance to Int. Borogegal Walking Trail and Athol Hall Trk 0.4km 5 mins (From 0.22 km) From the opposite the zoo entrance, the walk heads down the ramp leaving the road up to the left. The track soon leads to a a lookout with a set of bench seats and good harbour views. The walk continues along the footpath to a wire fence then follows the 'Walking Track' sign along the hillside to climb a few steps and cross a wooden bridge.

The track comes to the corner of Athol Hall's grass clearing. From the intersection, the track heads down the stairs to continue along the hill for a short time. The track descends more stairs to a signposted intersection.


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