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Busan Aquarium Most Popular Attractions South Korea Tourism

Busan Aquarium  It is an underwater aquarium, where tourists can explore a marine world with the main aquarium weighing 3,500 tons. Also on display are 99 theme aquariums and an 80m-long acryl tunnel. Along with cutting-edge facilities revealing underwater ecosystems of many countries, about 280 species of deep sea fishes totaling 35,000 are also on display.

Busan Aquarium

Busan Aquarium Oceanis was established by Peter O’Brien in 1993 and until its acquisition 2007 has been an unlisted public company. Busan Aquarium is now owned by the Living and Leisure Australia Group of which Peter O’Brien is an ongoing shareholder and Director. Oceanis is one of the world’s largest aquarium owners and operators (by numbers of customers and volume of displays). The Group owns and operates aquariums in Melbourne, Mooloolaba, Busan (South Korea) and Shanghai. In November 2005 Oceanis completed construction of an Aquarium in Bangkok which it owns and operates. Busan Aquarium is also providing consulting services for the construction of the world’s largest oceanarium located in Dubai which will open in 2008.
Busan Aquarium

Busan Aquarium  offers a premium product and has expertise in design, commissioning, construction and operation of aquariums around the world. Oceanis has an experienced management team who can supervise
construction & fit-out, train local staff and implement marketing and educational programs. With a diverse range of curatorial, life support system, tourism, catering, educational and operational expertise,
Busan Aquarium Oceanis offers a broad perspective for any aquarium or tourism project. In addition, having operated Shanghai Aquarium since late 1999, completing design and all contractual negotiations for the Busan Project and having earlier played a major role in the design and on site commissioning of the Nanjing and Beijing Underwater World projects, Busan Aquarium  is well versed in many of the idiosyncrasies of negotiating and operating abroad. Oceanis is currently consulting on aquariums in Dubai, Bahrain, North Seoul and Prague.
Busan Aquarium Attractions

Busan Aquarium Entertainment, information
Oceanis Aquariums have a commitment to constantly re-invent the experience for our visitors and provide
more than a day out to see ‘fish tanks.’ Some of the additional programs and activities that visitors can
become involved in include:
- Simulator rides
- Feedings and presentations
»- Roving entertainment
»- Shark dives
»- Glass-bottom boat tours
»- Behind the scene tours

Information to visitors is provided on many different levels i.e. website (pre & post visit), guide maps, daily activity schedules, interpretive panels, signs, interactives, touch and feel exhibits and audio visual

The Busan Aquarium Underwater Zoo Education Service provides fresh, innovative, interactive education programs and interpretive experiences for students of all ages. The aim is to promote the wonder of the aquatic environment and increase conservation awareness amongst the general public.


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