Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chinhae's Cherry Blossom Festival Road In Busan

The Chinhae Gunhang Festival, held annually since 1963, is one of the most famous cherry blossom events. The Chinhae area is an outstanding sightseeing destination in the springtime, when it is flooded with tourists who come to witness the spectacular blossom-filled streets. The festival features assorted cultural, artistic, and athletic programs, providing visitors with plenty of things to see and enjoy.

locally produced ingredients might sound strange, but will definitely stimulate your five senses with beautiful shapes and sweet smells. Among regional delicacies are Mulhoi, a dish of sliced raw fish in a cool fish broth; Pajeon, baked pancake with green onions; Grilled Black Pork, grilled pork with fermented anchovy; soup with rice and noodles. These can only be found in traditional markets in each region. After the trip, you will miss these regional delicacies along with regional attractions.

Korea has distinctive four seasons, as it has a temperate climate. Therefore, even if you visit the same place again, you will find completely different aspects according to the season. Spring is warm, so that it is a good season for outdoor activities. Many people go on flower viewing trips to mountains and fields covered with cherry blossoms, forsythia, azalea and royal azalea in spring. Summer is hot and sunny. People go to the beaches with fine sand and cool waves or valleys with cool streams in a thick forest to avoid the hot weather in summer. Autumn in Korea.


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