Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nurimaru APEC House Boasts Beautiful Scenery Surrounded Trip Korea

Used as the venue for the 2nd APEC Summit, the Nurimaru APEC House boasts beautiful scenery surrounded by camellias and pine trees. Since the summit, it has been used as a memorial hall and an important international conference venue. Nurimaru literally means “a house where leaders have a meeting.” The 12 outdoor poles represent Busan’s active image and the building’s interior design visually delivers Korea’s traditional culture. The first two floors of the building have a dining room, event room, and kitchen, while the top floor is occupied by an auditorium, a conference room, and waiting rooms for high-ranking officials.

Nurimaru APEC House

The roads on Dongbaek Island and the path to the peak are popular routes for walks. Also famous is the mermaid statue sitting on a rock by the beach. Nurimaru means the “summit of the world” in Korean. The house resembles a Korean traditional pavilion. It is the venue for the 3rd APEC Summit Meeting held in November 2005. Participants said that Nurimaru was the most beautiful Nurimaru APEC House Summit Meeting venue ever. Dongbaekseom Island, where the Nurimaru APEC House is located, is famous for camellia blossoms and can be accessible on foot from the Haeundae Beach.

Nurimaru APEC House


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