Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Honda Bay Most Popular Snake Island and Pandan Island In Palawan

Honda Bay

Honday Bay, Snake Island, Pandan island

Welcone to Puerto Princessa In Palawan Island an Honda Bay is an all day event and this is usually an island hopping tour. You are going to visit three islands along Honda Bay. These are Pandan Island, Snake Island, and Starfish Island. One can do swimming, snorkeling, and fish feeding on these islands. Do not forget to bring a change of clothes, snorkeling gear, and underwater camera. I liked Pandan Beach the best because of the clear green color of the beach. The sand was a smooth, powdery light brown in color. There were also cottages nearby and it was very relaxing because it is not overcrowded. There were also a lot of fish and I like best the moonrose.

Honda Bay

Honda Bay is located just a few minutes from the Puerto Princessa proper or From the mainila city to the east, we traveled approximately 12 kilometers. Wearing a cluster of islands as its crown, Honda bay boasts white sand, absolutely untouched beach fringes shore featuring unbelievably clear water fading into a royal blue sea. We first headed off to Pandan Island. Aside from the obligatory white beach, the place is named because of Pandan, an endemic plant and apparently is copious in that particular island. You can take your own food or buy the freshest catch from the local fishermen. There are some Handa Bay, Snake island that require entrance fees, since some islands are protected and are privately owned that would require you have a permit to visit.

Honda Bay

We already ate our lunch there courtesy of our tour guide, which is already part of the 1,100 that we paid. More snorkeling and beach bumming for us. After lunch we went to Pandan Island, our last island for the trip. Pandan Island have this more cozy feeling than snake island because of shades the trees gives the island. The cottages are better and they have a massage service for 200 pesos an hour. There is no ample supply of food in the island so better if you bring some chips and snacks when you go on this trip. We head back around 4:30 PM and it was a tiring but wonderful day! It's called Snake Island because it resembles a shape of a snake. Please Visit to Honday Bay, Snake Island, Pandan island Your Holiday and Enjoyed Photograph, Diving, Snorkeling and Fisherman.


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