Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kayangan Lake And Coron Island The Blue Lagoon Trip Palawan Philippines

Kayangan Lake in area Coron Island is wonder island and Natural Lendscape trip Palawan Philippines Tourism and Most Destination tour in Palawan. Awarded as the cleanest lake in the Philippines it is set among limestone cliffs from the Jurassic era, it is also known as the Blue Lagoon for its breathtaking beauty. Lose yourself in the magnificence of nature, trek along its trails and lake in the splendor of a big picture view when you reach peak. This site is it has a beautiful background of limestone rock formations, sandy coves for picnics and sunbathing between dives. It has a shallow coral garden and is ideal for photography because the sunken boat has become a home for a variety of tropical fishes such as nudibranchs, sea stars, angel fish, butterfly fish, and shoals of barracuda, damselfish and more.

 Kayangan Lake-Coron Island

 Kayangan Lake it's about a 20minute trek up and down the hill as the lake is in the interior of the island.. if you're not used to hiking.. pace yourself.. lots of photo ops all throughout anyway. you can really say that it is indeed a amazing view up there. when you swim on the lake its like a refreshing treat! well, nothing really to see under only rock formation but the view around the lake is really worth it. The lake has a small jetty which you can use to put belongings on, or use as your entry platform. The water is crystal clear and your allowed in for a refreshing dip and/or snorkel. There isn't a lot to see in the way of wildlife but there are a few species of small freshwater fish and shrimp.

Kayangan Lake-Coron Island

Before reaching Kayangan Lake you will do a little trekking which is quite challenging, rocks are sharp be sure to use reliable footwear and walk on the trail painstakingly. Going up the hill you will pass by a cave where visitors often take a rest for photo ops. You should never miss the opportunity to capture perfect photos from this spot. We have waited patiently for our turn just for one great picture and it was all worth it! The Kayangan lake is definitely a beauty and I hope it would remain unspoiled beauty. Water is crystal clear and cold while rocks underneath can be seen with the naked eyes.

Kayangan Lake

The Coron Island-Kayangan Lake around the wrecks have pleasant rock formations which provide for excellent snorkeling opportunities, with underwater visibility extending up to 80 feet. The water is usually calm, with almost no current. Coron is one of the most visited destinations for wreck diving in the Philippines. Wreck dive sites are found in a depth as shallow as 10–30 feet and as deep as 120–140 feet. Most are in the range of about 60–80 feet, perfect for sports divers. Divesites around Coron include also many different reef divesites and the famous "G√ľnter´s Cave". Also known as Cathedral Cave as, during the right time of the day, the sun throws a beam of light through a hole in the cave-ceiling, illuminating the inside. It is possible to surface in the cave, as the hole in the cave-ceiling allows fresh air to enter. Our visit to Coron Island in Palawan last year was one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever had, and one of the most beautiful spots there is Kayangan Lake.


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